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A Stranger - Pt. 1

There was a girl with beautiful brown eyes and a pretty smile. Her smile was enough to make anyone fall for her, she was barely 17 years old when he saw her at the cafe one day.

She had come in with her friends and was having a good time. His friend was the owner of the cafe, so he was sitting with his friend and discussing business over a cup of coffee.

She called the waiter and everyone in the cafe looked up since her voice a little too loud. His eyes met hers and she seemed a bit embarrassed at the attention she was getting but he smiled at her to make her feel a little comfortable. She smiled back and they waved at each other. The moment she smiled, he was mesmerized. She was also thinking about him as he was the only person who made the awkward situation easy for her.

They sat there at a different table for an hour or so and then he saw her leaving with her friends. He realised if he won’t go and start the conversation then this will be the first and the last time he is seeing her. He wanted to know her more so he went to the bill counter.

She was paying the bill and he heard her friends say that the birthday girl is going to pay and they chuckled. He realised that it was her birthday so he took the fresh flower out from the flower vase at the bill counter and gave it to her and wished her a happy birthday and also gave her a huge discount of 30% on the total bill which made her very happy.

Then the manager at the bill desk asked for her mobile number as they have to maintain the records. Along with the manager, he also noted down her number on his phone. She noticed this but did nothing to stop him as she also wanted to know him better. And then she left with her friends.

As soon as she stepped out of the cafe, she received a text saying, “Happy birthday beautiful🎉” and she smiled because she knew who it was from.