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I Love The Way I Love

Now I see him as he enters wearing that enchanting smirk of his, through the wooden and hinged frosted glass door of the office. That door is the second entrance to the main area where all of us are seated in all our respective departments.

I have been waiting for him as usual, I have always fancied the idea of office romance. And, when it had to be with him, I was smitten. There’s something different in him that I notice now. He doesn’t punch in when he enters the office, he makes his way straight to me without even blinking and as he walks towards me, he makes me blush with the affection in his eyes.

We both talk through our eyes about the things that make us feel loved and how our presence brightens the chaotic and gloomy spirit of the office for one another. He looks at me in a way that makes me believe that he cares about no one and nothing but me, like I am the one who completes him in a manner that he is ready to let the world know that I am his happiness and he won’t let anyone become the reason of my sadness.

He is wearing the black shirt I have always loved on him for it adds not a little, but a lot of charm to his rosy skin. He carries that black shirt daily now just because I love it is what makes my heart beat for him more. How could I not adore a person like him? His smile is pretty; I mean not pretty like flowers but pretty like it can make you forget that you have any pains in your life. And his laugh, oh, dear lord, the sound of his laughter is the most soothing sound that can enter through your ears and go straight to your heart and make you fall in love with him.

His walk is steady and every step he takes is calculated as if he wants me to live the moments he approaches me. I also dare not look anywhere else but at him. The courage he has gathered now to let the entire office know that I am his and he is mine is evident through his actions.

He finally comes to me and my heart skips a beat, I won’t lie. My eyes lose their guts to look straight into his eyes for the charisma he holds in his gaze only can redden you enough to form a curve from ear to ear. He stands behind me, puts his hands on my shoulders, leans forwards from the right and while making his breath talk to my ears, places a kiss on my chubby cheek and pulls it softly, and whispers, “I love you and I miss you, let’s meet in dreams at night again.”

It’s been six months since we started dating and it has been the loveliest time of my life. Our small imaginary love story in which only I stand loving him, began when he would stare at me from his seat and I would just blush in my heart for I always wanted to love him, the reason for which is still not clear to me except that he is the most beautiful person I have ever known and met.

He never wanted to love me, he only liked the idea of dating me. Hence, it’s heartbreaking yet beautiful to see how I still carry on with my one-sided love, now more confidently and blatantly, for it’s been a month since he met with an accident while he was returning from a party, drunk, and died on the spot.

This story was taken from the book Sunshine On My Mind.

Paridhi Bichchhal

I am a hopetimistic girl, who aspires to build her community of strong, empowered, and independent women. I wrote my first self-published novel in 2017. I have my own blogging website by the name “Deer Readers”. I motivate, inspire, and tell people the positive things about life and love is and drop their habit negativity in their lives.

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