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Unsaid Truth



A poetry book about all the unsaid truths.
So many things to say, not enough words.
We humans are the ones who created language. And yet we are the ones wishing for more accurate words to express ourselves: this irony cannot be denied. Sometimes it’s about the situation, sometimes about the words we failed to produce. Always with a hint of hesitation: after all, we are humans. We cannot afford to speak all our thoughts out loud. And hence, we turn to the mighty pen as our weapon of choice.
Aren’t we all just searching for answers in our own way? Imagine what would happen if only we had said that one thing and not left it to chance. If only the unsaid truth somehow found its way from our hearts to theirs. Wouldn’t it be so much easier?
Communication is the backbone of any relationship. But expressing oneself can be difficult at times. There are moments when words fail to capture what we truly want to say. It’s in those moments that we turn to the written word. Whether it’s a letter, a poem, or a simple note, words have a way of capturing the essence of our thoughts and emotions.
In this book, the poets explores the power of words to express what we feel. Although we struggle to find the right ones. They share their own experiences of feeling lost in their thoughts. And how they were searching for ways to articulate their feelings. Through their writing, they hope to connect with readers who have felt the same.
Words have the ability to evoke emotions, to heal wounds, and to bring people closer. And yet, sometimes, we hold back. Fear, anxiety, and uncertainty can make us hesitant to share our innermost thoughts. But what if we took a chance? What if we spoke our truth? Even if it’s uncomfortable or difficult?
In the poetry book “Unsaid Truth” the poets will urge you to take a leap of faith. And to express yourselves in whatever way feels right. Because at the end of the day, what matters most is that we communicate from the heart.


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