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The Spring Cologne



About the book:

Divided into her three sections – fall, rebirth and spring; this collection is so many things: With dancing words laying on soil, her salt openings to the sweetener wind ups. With feeling present and inhaling more colours; her spring pages not only explore the fall and her rebirth but also the love, grief, life, holiness, prayers and creativity; twirling in and through; with the art of her words.


The author is deeply in love with what she poured forth in these spring pages – and says “this book is my story that I am giving you to read. This book is an assemblage of my vulnerability and fears, beauty and laughter and its all for you to read and feel. If I could, I would have read this entire book to you over a cup of coffee but since I can’t, I want you to read this and think about yourself in these verses.”


“let me travel through the time, when loving you was not a mistake.” In this verse of “fall”. The author owns up to her new vision of the broken and the healed inviting you, to feel the romantic muse; sown in so many tears and blood and trials and errors and heart and hope and revival. With the gentle zephyr; tying knots to the beauty of the second chance… echoing, sending and making – the beauty of “agains” (to feel, dance, cherish, kiss, pray, believe and love again); the author welcomes you to your own spring cologne.


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