That Second Street of Babu Ma’am





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A true crime non fiction narrative book


If I told this story in Kanupriya’s words, I would have spent my entire life writing it without being able to complete it. Some stories can never be complete. Kanupriya has forgotten her hunger and dignity. How did house no. 627 turned her into Babu Ma’am?

I left out a lot in this story but I tried to cover a lot. In exactly the same way as Kanupriya still asks Ganga Maa at the Ganga ghat today, what was her fault?

Along with her tears, the waves of the Ganges rise and fall and a musical voice is heard, “Kanupriya come in my water and drain everything.” Kanupriya descends into the water and drains all those names with filling water in both hands. Both souls and bodies will dance in these waves of Ganga. Expansion as well as summary of life lies here. Karma and fate both are dancing together. Still the mind is in the bond of the ramparts.

She bubbles these lines and then bends in water to say something to Ganga. Sitting in wet clothes on the ghat, she watches the waves of the Ganga fall and rise with wet eyes and this sequence of Kanupriya continues even today.

Endless Sudha Sikrawar


That Second Street Of Babu Ma’am is a compelling non-fiction book. It tells the harrowing story of a woman who fell victim to a sophisticated and ruthless scam. Through her own words, the author shares the events that led up to the scam. The ways in which Kanupriya was manipulated, and the devastating aftermath that followed.

The book provides a detailed and nuanced look at the tactics used by scammers. Moreover, it also includes their use of emotional manipulation. It also includes psychological coercion and sophisticated technology. And it also explores the impact of the scam on the author’s life. It also talks about the financial and emotional toll that she and her family went through.

Throughout this true crime non fiction book, the author reflects on the lessons she learned from her experience. Moreover, it also offers insights into how to avoid falling prey to scams in the future. Her story serves as a cautionary tale for anyone who may be at risk of falling victim to a scam. As well as a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


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