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A beautiful poetry book about the little things


Among the grass and weed, we sometimes come across really pretty flowers growing on the side of the roads. Growing out of concrete, these flowers make our day better. They give us hope that even we can bloom in the harshest of conditions.

While doing laundry (the never-ending task), you sometimes find cash in your own pockets that you’d forgotten about. Doesn’t it just make your day?

If you go out for a drive on a clear night, you’ll feel infinite while looking up at the stars and listening to your favourite song.

Life is all about these little moments, about finding the beautiful in routine, about serendipity.



Life is full of small moments of beauty and wonder that often go unnoticed. But in the poetry book Serendipity, we invite you to pay attention to these moments. To find joy in the everyday.

Through a series of carefully crafted poems, Serendipity explores the beauty of the world around us. It also explores the power of small gestures and moments. From wildflowers growing in unexpected places to the simple pleasure of finding money in your pocket, the poems celebrate the little things that make life so special.

The poetry is both insightful and inspiring. Therefore, it reminds us that life is full of surprises. Even the most mundane moments can be filled with magic. Whether you are in the midst of a difficult day or simply looking for a moment of inspiration, Serendipity is a poetry book that will lift your spirits and fill your heart with hope and joy. The message is both empowering and uplifting. It reminds us that we have the strength and resilience to overcome any obstacle.

If you are looking for a poetry book that celebrates the beauty of life and inspires you to find joy in the everyday, then “Little Moments” is a must-read. It is a beautiful and uplifting collection of poems that will fill your heart with hope and leave you feeling inspired to see the world in a new light.


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