Sailing Hopes In Paperboats



A poetry book with emotional and heart touching poetry.

Be like a paper boat;

Keep going with the flow,

And enjoy the journey,

Without worrying about the direction.

We know that our paper boat is going to drown or become a soggy mess once it starts to absorb water. But there is something hopeful in watching coloured square pieces of paper turn into little boats and floating with the water. These paper boats look like they can brave the strongest storms one day. Just like the children who made them.

So let us keep that hope alive, let us make some more colourful paper boats in a life full of storms.

Sailing Hopes In Paper Boats is a breathtaking poetry anthology. It will take you through the cosmos of the human spirit. Moreover, this poetry collection brings together the most inspiring and soulful works from some talented poets. The themes explored in these pages are as vast as the universe itself: love, loss, wonder, and the search for meaning and purpose. Through lyrical language and poignant imagery, these poems will awaken your senses and lift your heart to the stars.

As you read through the pages of this poetry book, you’ll discover a diverse range of styles and voices. Each of these voices are unique and powerful in their own way. For instance, the book contains the haunting beauty of free verse to the playful rhythms of the spoken word. Thus, these poems will captivate you with their depth and artistry.

With its ethereal cover art and timeless content, Sailing Hopes In Paper Boats is a true work of art. In other words, one that will inspire you to look inward and connect with the universe within. As a result, this poetry anthology is a must-read for anyone who has ever been moved by the power and beauty of poetry. Order your copy today.


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