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Papercuts Leave Marks



Papercuts Leave Marks is a poetry book of 99 poems. It puts light on prevailing themes of Love, Life and Loss. It merely touches upon these emotions to give the reader an essence of what they’ve already felt. And it is a known state of being for all of us – to be in love, to feel alive and to mourn loss. It is carefully curated and unstructured at the same time, making way for all there is, within you, to flow. Every piece is an experience, a story to unite with and has a mark to leave. Our thoughts often leave us bleeding and more, when we fail to put them into words. Papercuts are the fastest to heal. But the power that resides in still paper indefinitely leaves a mark to remember.
“Papercuts Leave Marks” is an extraordinary collection of 99 captivating poems. It delves deep into the enduring themes of Love, Life, and Loss. In this enchanting compilation, the author delicately brushes upon these profound emotions. Hence, skillfully crafting verses that resonate with the reader’s own experiences. Each poem invites us to reflect on the universal human condition.
This poetry book anthology strikes a remarkable balance between structure and spontaneity. While it follows no strict formula, it gracefully embraces the ebb and flow of emotions. Therefore, allowing the reader to traverse the breadth of their own inner world.
Every poem within “Papercuts Leave Marks” is an immersive experience. Moreover, they are like a poignant story waiting for you to embrace and cherish them. The words dance off the page, unveiling raw emotions that strike a chord within our souls. They serve as a vessel for the thoughts that often leave us bleeding. As a result, offering a cathartic release when we struggle to articulate them.
Each poem in this collection stays in the reader’s heart. As a result, leaving an indelible mark of remembrance. They become companions, evoking a myriad of emotions and leaving an impression that lingers long after the book is over.
In “Papercuts Leave Marks,” the author offers us a transformative journey through the complexities of love, the essence of life, and the pain of loss. It is an invitation to explore the depths of our own emotions. And to embrace the beauty and vulnerability that reside within us all.


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