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A poetry book of 500 poems!
Ever wondered how the night looks after midnight? Or what’s the aftertaste of a kiss? Whether the girl in the sunflower field confessed her feelings to her beloved? What surprises does life have in store for us?
Endless questions and experiences that remain unsolved, unanswered, unlived. We live in the real world but our hopes and dreams float in a bubble of its own.
An impeccable amalgamation of around 500 aesthetic minds… Writer’s Pocket is launching its mega book of 2021. To retell, recast, and recreate all your beautiful experiences.
So ride with us to the wonderland that retells some common and some epic love stories. The unconditional love and affection of a mother and her children. And the paradoxical relationship between nature and the poet. Hope you find the answers to all your questions right here!
Step into the enchanting realm of Writer’s Pocket. Here, the uncharted territories of the human experience come alive. Curiosity beckons us to unravel the secrets concealed within a sunflower field. Where a courageous girl may have poured her heart out to her beloved. And what surprises lie in wait on the unpredictable path of life?
In this extraordinary literary endeavor, Writer’s Pocket brings together 500 minds.
So, immerse yourself in the timeless tales of epic romances. And tender connections, where hearts beat as one. As a result, transcending the boundaries of time and space. Experience the profound depths of a mother’s unconditional love for her children. Hence, a love that knows no bounds and nourishes souls with its unwavering devotion.
Therefore, witness the relationship that unfolds between the natural world and the creative spirit. And as poets find solace, inspiration, and boundless beauty in the tapestry of the earth.
Writer’s Pocket invites you on an exhilarating journey through these captivating narratives. Hence, here the poets reimagine the familiar. Because they transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. And the unanswered questions find their voice. It is a portal to a world where dreams become tangible. Where imagination dances with reality. And where the power of storytelling breathes life into the profound depths of the human soul.
In this poetry book of 500 poems, the collective wisdom and insight of the gifted contributors await. Thus, offering a tapestry of answers to the queries that have lingered in the depths of your heart.
Hence, explore the vast expanse of Writer’s Pocket’s mega book of 2021. Hence, let its enchanting narratives unveil the answers you seek. Also, rekindle your spirit, and remind you of the boundless wonders that await in every chapter of life’s magnificent story.


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