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We are living at a time that has wrecked our brain’s chemistry, always bracing ourselves for what may come next and forever wondering if it will ever end. With so much going on around us, it is hard to remain carefree, safe and not worry about it all. It’s okay if you are not okay, and have bursts of anxious energy and totally fine if it seems too hard to find a way to be happy. You can hold on to that last string of hope left in our hand and find your way back to happiness.


So, do what you think makes you feel good. Spend some time with your friends, visit an animal shelter, watch a sad movie and cry it out, or maybe find your happy in between the pages of this book.


Euphoria draws you in page after page until you have no more left. There is hope and there is the feeling of desolation, it often gets confessional, these poems are an orchestra of feelings by diverse people who feel the same as you, that pour its essence to the readers.


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