Dhi’s Oracle of Divine Epiphanies



About the book—


While scrolling through posts on your social media, do you also stop at a random quote and feel like the universe sent it across just for you?


Well, ‘Dhi’s Oracle of Divine Guidance’ is supposed to be just that—a self help collection of Dhi’s (the Author’s alter ego and the narrator of her works) musings and epiphanies covering all spheres of life and its range of conflicting emotions that are meant to be flipped through intuitively until you arrive at the one, you’re meant to ponder over concerning the situation in your life at the time.


The way to use it—


With a relaxed frame of mind and your eyes closed, hold this self-help oracle in your hand gently and take a few deep breaths, focusing only on them and emptying your mind of all thoughts. Then proceed to request the universe to speak to you and guide you with what you need to do through this means. Be free and expressive as you do this, not thinking so much about how you’re framing your words or how you ought to speak to the ‘High Power’. Allow this to be a cathartic experience if you must. There is nothing wrong in being desperate for guidance as long as it’s sincere and not done with a mind already made up.


Flip through the pages with your eyes still closed and stop when your intuition asks you to—don’t second guess it. The epiphany you’ll thus arrive at, will be what the universe will want you to mull over in terms of where you’re at in your life and will require you to introspect honestly, without trying to justify or vilify yourself before the universe. The universe has no ulterior motive in making you believe what isn’t true, so denial won’t support the divine guidance.


Let Dhi assist you on your personal journey.


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