Chunks of Lavender - A Collection of Poetry and Prose



About the book


Chunks of Lavender is a collection of poetry and Prose. The book is split into five sections -Endless battles, Conqueror within you, Blossoming bit by bit, Letters to the beloved and Soft Remedies. Each section throws light on various themes such as racism, mental health, child abuse, love, loss, buried emotions, womanhood, self care, healing, dreams and hopes. The author has offered soul stirring words which will make you believe that each one of us can overcome with internal battles and blossom in the most beautiful manner. The captivating art illustrations in between the poems represent the sentiments behind each verse.


About the Author


Sakshi Aswal was awarded with Vajra World Records at the age of 19 as a co-author for the anthology Maples. Currently, she is pursuing her degree in law and at the same time, she loves writing poetry, storylines and reading various literary genres. Her book Chunks of Lavender will take its readers on a journey to embrace the conqueror that resides within. Her writings have thrown light on various themes such as racism, mental health, child abuse, self care, healing and blossoming. She loves to interact with book lovers on her.


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