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Chaos Only

Best selling poetry book



Do you ever feel like it’s been too long holding things up? Do you find it hard silencing the voices in your head, tired of fighting the demons within, chasing the dream which may never come true? Do you ever feel like all you want to be is heard? Do you fear yourself putting up out there because you think you may fail? Do you ever feel like you are so close to giving up? Are you ready to let go of that one dream that kept you alive for years? Do you ever seek an escape? Do you feel confused taking up the path you know nothing about? Do you feel and think about chaos more than you should? What if there is a way to end all of this? What if there is a way to freedom. What if there is hope? A hope, that carves the way out of your chaos. What if it is not as hard as it may seem?

What if I tell you…

All you need is to believe!


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