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Broken and Beautiful



And I wish for the dream to last forever, And I wish for the distance to end forever.


Why is it that what we want and what we get are, so often, worlds apart?


What wouldn’t we do to get them to talk to us, to finally accomplish that goal, to finally win over the fears we avoided all our lives! But then, of course, fate has other plans and we are right back to where we started. The tears, the trauma, the desperation, the grief, the drama, the angst, the fire, the fog – all in vain.


But is it really the end?


We seek love, peace, happiness, health, wealth… sometimes life itself. What if fate has already given us what we asked for, disguised, and it’s right in front of our eyes?


Grab your copy of Broken and Beautiful, a collection of over a 100 poems, and enjoy reading it at your leisure.


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