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Black and White



“In the world of black and white, we all seek to find our true colors.” – Anthony T. Hincks

Life is like a canvas, and each of us starts with a palette of black and white. It’s as if we’re given a brush and a canvas, and we have to figure out how to add our own colors.

We begin with the basic building blocks: love, fear, joy, and sadness. They are the first strokes on our canvas, and they shape our earliest memories. Then we start to understand that the world is not just about these primary emotions. There are countless shades and hues waiting to be discovered.

We dip our brushes into the vast palette of life, experimenting with different colors to see which ones resonate with us. Some of us may find our colors early, while others take a lifetime of exploration. In the end, our canvas is a reflection of our unique journey.


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